The perfect book ...
Every day is more black and white.
The bus journey changes from talking to friends to headphones that you play a melody that is in the rhythm of your pain. You've been looking for her for a long time. When you finally find it and you will get tears in your eyes. Find out it's the melody that perfectly captures your misery.
The bed has become your refuge. It's hard to get up. Go to a busy world. In society, you try to pretend that something is bothering you. So you pretend a smile that's so hard to clear.
You mean only when it ends. When the sun rises from the storm. When will it be "Okay" ...
Your mind is closed more and more. You can't concentrate. Well, you can't empty your mind, because the pain is deep in our soul ... Well, this morning I found the man of my dreams. I found it in chapter one. So I wonder if it is real to be a loved way the writers write ... Whether it is real to feel something about a fictional character.
And maybe it is. Maybe it's a refuge from the real world. Drowning for hours in a book. And not to think about our own injuries inside us. Drown in a book that makes us smile.
Which will make us think about the fictional character, storyline and main idea.
How do I imagine a perfect book?
Just as Alexa Riley writes it. They are two authors who write about dream love. About the perfect ... A book that has become my sanctuary. A book that will enchant you with the soul will remain in our mind for a long time. And that's how I think it should be ... All for her - Alexa Riley.

Your Katka

What is your relation to poems, poetry? For a long time now, poetry has not only been linked to Sunday afternoon, but I reach for it whenever I need to shut down, restart and let my thoughts fly over the horizon.

In poetry I like the beauty of every word, a comma, a metaphor that the poet folds on a piece of paper. She entangles her thoughts, moods and legacy for others in sentences and verses. What is her magic?

The fact that anyone who reaches for them will find something in them, something that speaks about current emotions.

One such collection was in my hands for Christmas. We are talking about a collection by Charlie Deamon called Antidepressant. I kept postponing it and postponing it until it was time.

So in one rainy afternoon I read into the rows (even intermediate lines), which have many questions, but each reader must find the answers.

Poems and short prosaic texts carry deep thoughts into which you immerse, soak up their melancholy atmosphere, and do not close the book without going to the last page with the author.

I recommend to anyone who likes to look at the world from different angles, angles, to anyone who looks at the world with multiple eyes, to melancholic, optimistic and realistic people! Every lover of poetry and literature will come into its own.

Today's "miniblog" prepared for you

Your Ivetka

Hello dear bookworms,

For today I have prepared for you a stunning first episode of the Century of Kenn Follett's The Fall of the Titans. At first I was struck by the thickness of the book, but on a few pages, the story overwhelmed me so much that I did not want it to ever end. The book reads very well, the storyline is extremely engaging and remarkable.

The individual events that take place in the book overlap each other without disturbing elements. The story combines love, intrigue, history, revenge, joy, friendship as well as desires and dreams. It is written very clearly and describes the very life of ordinary people and those from higher society.

Despite the historical core of the book, the reader is not burdened with tedious lengthy and detailed descriptions of history, but rather describes who controls and pulls everything behind the scenes. , but you will also better understand the era of the First World War.

Today's "miniblog" for

 Prepared by your Tomáš

Hello dear bookworm,

"Every morning, remember that we only live a moment. Every night, remember that day may not shine." (Book: While You Go into Darkness) .

If so, you should pay attention. When I briefly browse the books in the library, I was most interested in the book While You Go Into the Dark by Marcus Sedgwick. 

This book is a continuation of the Book of the Dead Days. After reading the annotation, the feeling that I have to read the book only intensified. The story includes capturing the Boy and his girlfriend in the imperial palace, secrets, revelations, bouts of anger as well as alchemists. I must admit that the story as a whole was very strange to me, but the story was characterized by an intriguing character. 

Someone might have a sad or gloomy story in the book, but with its strange writing style, the book had something in itself that forced me to turn pages faster until I got to the end. is suitable for relaxing reading.

Today's "miniblog" was prepared for you by Tomáš

Hello dear bookworm,

for today we have prepared a novel by Štrikované frajeri by author Denisa Fulmeková. What's in the book? 

Will it be about knitting or striking? First of all, it is the story of four women who are in the best years of their lives. Four friends talk to each other about everything that happens to them in their lives, share experiences, dreams, disappointments, problems, and feelings.

Strike dudes are especially about friendship if you were a lover of Sex in the City, this book tells me this series was very reminiscent of. The book is such a Slovak version of the series and is perfect for relaxing, pleasant and impressive reading for all women who can be found in the story.

As for the writing style, the story is written in an unobtrusive, pleasant style that draws you into the story, so that in some situations you think about the actions and behavior of the main protagonists.

The book also contains situations full of humor and especially talking, talking, talking and talking. We women feel and have always felt the need to share and talk, to analyze everything. 

From whoever he wore what is now, through who looked at us, smiled what he wore, when it happened to how and in what situation it happened. but you can't squeeze a guy and a relationship of peace that suits us, but we can do our luck.

Today's "miniblog" was written for you by Miška

Hello hello book, it's me Veronika fan of the book club. 

This time I got into the hands of the Cambodian Embassy by Zadie Smith. The book points to racial discrimination against people of different skin color. She treated them nicely and politely, and she only got scolded from them. 

Once she helped their little child, who was choking because he swallowed a tiny ball. However, instead of thanks, she received a testimony from her bread farmers. Only her friend Andrew, who was of course white, was sorry for her. I want to point out that there is no need to look at the color of the skin, the inside of every person is important, regardless of whether it is black, white, yellow. 

The book ended up having turned to Andrew after being fired. Unfortunately, even in today's world there are people for whom skin color is problematic. 

We should help each other and spread love more. I send you all a lot of love and especially do not judge others by color.


Hello hello bookworms,

surely every one of us has a skeleton hidden in the closet, which is locked by a few locks and tied in chains, but not always there. We still can't keep our fear or phobia under control. But can you imagine having a full list of the worst nightmares?

Esther has a list on which he has a total of 50 worst nightmares to try to avoid. She believes her fear can kill her. Grandfather is afraid of water, her father is locked in the cellar, mother is trying to draw happiness and brother is afraid of darkness. Not a single switch in their house was turned off. All are covered with adhesive tape. Add to this fear the legend or story of their grandfather, who encountered death during the war and we have a family curse in the world that contains a mixture of phobias and fear that Esther is trying to escape.

One day Esther meets an old friend to help her overcome fear. They will face one fear each Sunday. They want to attract death and cancel the family curse. But is it even possible?

The book is one of the young adult women. The story is not only about love, romance, relationships or adolescence, but also about mental illness. In some situations, the story sounded like a fantasy (the disciple of death that performs in the story). The story is easy to read, written in a fresh style, and the character traits of each character are somewhat missed and abnormal, but on the other hand is an accurate definition of normality?

An almost definitive list of the worst nightmares by Krystal Sutherland. it is full of impressive thoughts and encouraging words. I have to admit that she has worked on a very interesting and important topic in a unique, original way and I believe that many young people will help the story of Esther and her family. Let's take a closer look at the people around us.

If we ask our friends how to do it, let's not ask it just because it is a habit of meeting, but let's ask it because we really care. Let's try to smile more at each other.

ometimes it is enough small things (let's not forget the Slovak Helpline, Help and Child Safety Line). Let us not forget, however, that life must be lived and not lived.
Everything is not just black and white, and each one of us is facing something he is afraid of. Every fear is different.

Rating 4 / 5
Today's mini-blog was written by Yours Ivetka

Greetings dear bookworms, 

are you rational in love or rather optimistic or enthusiastic romantics? Do you believe in love at first sight or love romantic movies and would you like to survive at least one scene from the movie? 

Do you think that you will not enter the same river twice? But what if the man has matured and is ready for a serious relationship? What if he is the one who squeezes you in the closing headlines? 

I have to admit that I love romantic movies and books in which tears of emotion, sadness, betrayal, pain, and love and sorrow with the main characters flow, and when I saw this book in the bookstore I didn't even have to read the annotation because he spoke for everything - Love like a movie. Who wouldn't want to survive love like a movie? 

Our main character is fighting and trying to match other family members. She counts on the score and the sense of satisfaction she feels when she announces her engagement to a family she loves. However, what if he is not her fatal love? 

As soon as she adds her old middle-class love to her friends on a social network, a carousel of very interesting colorful and quite remarkable events will spin.

The company where he works has financial problems and it is up to her to get a new client. The breaking point comes in the moment he finds out who the client is. Yes, you guessed it's Shane, a high school boy who broke her heart. 

The boss orders her to do anything to get him. And literally anything. Shane takes the condition to survive along with the Kensington scene from their favorite romantic movies. Who will they choose? 

Will it cancel the engagement? The book is perfect for dreamy romantic lovers who love Brigite Jones. It is full of humor, love, romance, betrayal, pain and be sure to prepare handkerchiefs. 

Today's miniblog was prepared for you by your Ivetka



This sentence on the cover of the book convinced me that it was worth reading the book. However, while I got there along with all the books for four months, I regret writing this “miniblog” that I did not find time to soak up her unique atmosphere of an engaging and splendidly elaborated unconventional theme with intriguing, sympathetic and unusual character traits of the main characters. 

The overall impressive impression of the book is completed by original and wise thoughts that will enchant you and grab your heart

The main character of the book is Libby, a teenage girl who was knocked out of her house because of her high body weight years ago, saving her life and arranging transportation to the hospital. . Her name was the fattest, even without anyone trying to look inside the real Libby.

 Opposite her is the famed, favorite Jack, who is extremely charming but hides a great secret that even his closest know. Jack can't recognize people's faces. He does not know the face of his parents or siblings. He recognizes them on the basis of certain features that he notices in every person. The book caught my heart and made me think, what if? What if I was in Jack's place? What if I didn't know my mom's face?

 What if she was strange to me? What if she cuts her hair and I don't know her, because her hair is her long-haired recognition? What if I were Libby? What if I was afraid to get out on the street? What if? What if? Children can sometimes be really bad and therefore do not need to cover their eyes from bullying. 

The book is for me a unique unique that combines love, mystery, fear, pain with the admixture of romance. As I read, I replaced a whole range of emotions and consumed a few handkerchiefs. 

For me 5/5. 

Today's "mini blog" was prepared for you by your Ivetka

Hello dear bookworms!

In today's "miniblog" I will introduce to you the most delightful book last week, which got into my hands and pleased my bookish cells. It is a book by Martina Monošová entitled Pearls of the Other. 

The story is fascinating about a love for a given man, full of romance, betrayal, engaging storyline, plot twists, mysterious humor and tension. Adela's story is depicted in a very realistic way, and I wondered how I would behave in some situations. 

The other pearls is a wonderful book that won't let you go until you count it. Long after reading the book, a story resonated in me that I kept thinking about. The other's pearls can be calm about each one of us. 

Often wise and clever women turn love into love, stupid and blind. Everyone can happen to be in second place, even the one who stands by, because love does not choose. It is up to us how we deal with it. However, I must point out that all the emotions Adela experienced were reflected in me. 

At the end of the book, I was very touched by the denial of the whole story.

Today's mini-blog was written for you by Miška


AHello hello bookworm.

My name is Veronika and I'm a big fan of the book club. I decided to contribute to my review collections. I read Nagasaki by Éric Faye from 

The book is written according to the actual event. The plot takes place around 2000. In the small town of Nagasaki lives meteorologist Shimura-san. He lives alone in his little apartment even though he is no longer the youngest. Strange things happen to him, his food is disappearing, and he also noticed that he has lost his orange juice. He didn't want to go crazy about it, so he started marking how much he ate and drank. When his calculations still didn't match, he decided to install a camera in his apartment. The camera revealed a woman who had been hiding in his wardrobe for a long time in a room he didn't go to. Once he saw her through the camera, he called the police. 

But something moved in him, he called into his apartment, hoping the woman would pick up the phone so she could warn her and get away in time. The police found her and arrested her. A few months later a lawsuit was held. She was sentenced to 4 months for burglary. After being released from custody, she went back to the apartment where she had lived secretly before. 

The apartment was already for sale. Shimura-san could no longer live in an apartment where he no longer felt at home. She wrote to him a letter explaining that she sometimes lived in this apartment with her parents and that was why she was still dragging her there. She still had memories of her childhood in her memory. 

That's how the story ends. I believe you will be interested in this book as well as me. .And what are my feelings? At first I thought it was war literature, but when I read the first pages I was sure it wasn't. 

I liked the moment Shimura-san called the unwanted guest of the cops, but something moved in him and wanted to warn her.

In my opinion, it was human, because not everyone would do it. In my opinion, the book and the plot itself have no negatives.

Greetings dear bookworms!

Each of us is afraid of something. We are afraid of different things whether we have different phobias. In fact, we can name our fear. We can separate reality and reality from hallucinations. We can identify him. But what if fear engulfs you? 

If you grow up in the belief that your only nice childhood memory is a delusion, what if you grow up in 10 years? When you have to struggle every day with what is and what is not reality? 

Your loyal companion will become a camera to find out what you really saw at the end of the day. But can you rely 100% on photos? Will your mind evaluate these pictures objectively? 

The main character in the book I Invented You - High School Alex, suffers from schizophrenia. How does he recognize what a dream is and what real life is? What about those voices in her head? Flying Phoenix or a huge bag at school? 

The story begins with a prologue that introduces us into a storyline that takes place 10 years later. If you are expecting a riveting story about a girl on the verge of going crazy running confused in a white jacket, I must disappoint you. The book tells the story in which Alex tries to deal with his health problems is very remarkable and impressive. 

Combining commitment, romance, friendship, bullying, love, and last but not least, let me say that this Young adult book carries a message, not only for young people, but for anyone who opens the book. It teaches us to be more human, mindful, more tolerant, understanding, and not to close our eyes to problems, but to face them.

Rating: 5/5

Today's "miniblog" was written by Yours Ivetka


The book Fairy Jasmine and the Elf Vendelín I liked immensely, mainly because it was about friendship and how they jointly saved the forest. 

The book is not just an ordinary story, but it has taught me how to protect the forest, nature, how to recycle and much more. 

The story is complemented by beautiful illustrations and ideas that have excited me. I liked the ideas for the goblin and witchcraft with the old sweater the most. 

Part of the book is a game. I do not want to tell you more, because I am preparing a video review about this book, which you should definitely watch.

Your Mirka V.

Greetings dear bookworms!

Suffering, injustice, pain, ill-treatment, anger, compassion, helplessness, hyenism, threats, lies, evil, disappointment in the family, affliction, affliction, affliction ... these words best describe my feelings in the book You must not say. 

The story is about young to a girl named Lenke, who had never been married to her life, and had been thrown away by her own mother when she was only 3 months old. The coldness of how people approached her with the threats made her afraid, and she knew she wasn't allowed to say anything. 

Despite the difficult topic in the book, the story is easy to read, written in a style that makes you turn pages on the book faster than you can read. 

The book also includes illustrations and poems by the author. The annotation of the book says it is a true story, but I read to myself while reading - if only it was fantasy and fiction.

Today's "miniblog" was written for you by Your Miška



when I reached for this book, I had no idea how comfortable this day would be for me. For a long time I had a taste of it and Jesus listened to my wishes. The book with an unforgettable storyline that will invade you through the first letters and will not let you until you read the last dot.

The main character Lenka struggles with her feelings. The cover of the book gave me the impression that it would be another dozen story of high school love, but the fact that hides in the book contradicts what the book cover awakened in me.

The story is written in detail but does not contain unnecessary descriptions. It is engaging and comprehensible. Certainly it was worth it to wait, because it is no kitsch or rubbish.

The Powerless book by Dominika Wurll is truly - an unreal story

.Your Dominika


I love reading, and the book I was last reading was very interesting and entertaining. It's called Matilda and it's a book about a little talented girl. The story is very interesting and I always had a smile on my lips while reading. There are beautiful illustrations in the book that I liked very much. She is very imaginative. 

Although she was very wise - she learned to read herself and was a mathematical genius, she was modest. I liked the book that she found talent within her and that she could only control things remotely through her eyes. I would like to have this ability too, I would live easier now.

Your Mirka.


there is still winter outside the windows, flakes of snow are flying here and there. 

The perfect time for a lounging day with a book in hand with hot tea, where the right atmosphere is completed by snow and rain that drums on the window.If you are among those who are fascinated by castles and chateaux, you love rumors and stories about existing, but also extinct castles that will engulf you with their captivating and unique story about our homeland certainly do not regret if you reach for this book.

The second part brings us 95 stories with a real historical core, which is complemented by the imagination of people who have traded the stories from generation to generation. The book is completed with suitably embedded graphic illustrations that complete the overall aesthetic as well as reading experience. 

Telling about my favorite castle surpassed my expectations and, like other rumors, it was gloomy with history, engagement, fiction and reality. Do you also have your favorite castle?

Your Dominika.



 I love it, if the book tells me a story that carries the story of life, when I read this book I had tears on the edge and a smile on my lips. In some situations I said “exactly”, others I read with my breath. 

The book is a testimony of the author, her journey through life is about prejudices, about two worlds and about how she left to live in the capital. It is not just an autobiographical book, but an inspiring story that has inspired and inspired many people. 

The storyline in the book is easy to read without complicated dramatization. The author portrays her life from the child to the present. Gypsy won my bookish heart. How did you start this weekend?



I have been traveling by train a lot in recent years, and I like to make my journey more enjoyable with my famous book that draws me into the story so that I don't even know how I got to the destination. by Kassie West - Love is not a lottery. 

At Kassie, the readers were accustomed to the main characters who were popular, but in this case she is a heroine who becomes popular and popular only after she succeeds in winning the lottery on her 18th birthday. The character's story is very remarkable, intriguing and incredible. 

The story is also about secrets, romance, life choices, and the need to stand firmly on the ground at all times, otherwise we are at risk of taking off high above the clouds, causing us to look at things superficially. Kassina's heroine faces important questions in her life. How does he deal with a new situation? Will money solve all her problems? Can he trust his friends? 

If you like reading books while traveling, we'll be happy if you write your book type or the book you're reading in the comment. 

Your Ivetka

Hi there,

you've certainly all experienced sibling rivalry when you fought for your parents' attention or your truth, and you felt wrong and unhappy. I think that everyone who has siblings is familiar with this feeling. 

The author aptly points out the problem of many families, that even happy families conceal their secrets, miseries, life pitfalls and misfortunes. 

The book will engulf you so much that you forget to breathe and indulge in the reading line. Although this book is for teenagers, 

I would also recommend it to all parents, grandparents and every adult to realize that every human being is exceptional, exactly as it is. my review where I will tell you a lot more. 

Your Mirka ☺ 

11.12.2018 Romani pupils at Kosice elementary school once again had the opportunity to experience one of the "fairy tale" experiences. Maroš Balog, 

Thank you for everything.

Hi there!
Who didn't read this fairy tale?"
Few people. Fairy tales are for children and that is why this book is usually associated with our childhood. It's a little different for me.

I only read the book recently, and I think the book found me at the best and the best time. At a time when you're mature enough to own the stars and get to know the world of the little prince, not just an illusion of the mind. And even if he were just an illusion,

I wouldn't mind. The little prince changed my life ... he touched my heart. He touched my future. Learn more in my review. My question is simple. Can you draw a sheep?

Your Lydka ♥ "

20.11.2018 our OZ ĎAKUJEM - "PAĽIKERAV" already celebrates its 4th birthday and we decided to celebrate them in a really big style :) You already know that we are passionate bookworms, so even this celebration can not bear otherwise than the books :) We invented Fairy's Day, or in Romani language paramís.
23.11.2018, all books from the Paľikerav Book Club will go to one particular primary school in Košice, attended only by Roma pupils and reading fairy tales directly in front of them. .

Hello, do you love the colorfulness of autumn and feel the air approaching Christmas? 

With the earlier darkening outside, which inherently belongs to this time of year, I increasingly spend time at home reading a book. 

This time I reached for the famous story Red Leaves by Slovart. I was most impressed by her beautiful cover, which is unmistakable. The book hides a story about three young people who escape from the house and develop a strong friendship between them. It is a beautiful, impressive book not only about friendship, but also about adolescence and life in general, which is not written in any complex way. 

Therefore, if you are looking for a suitable Christmas gift for your friend or your teen at home who is interested in strong stories, be sure to reach for this book. We will be very pleased if you throw your tips for great books down in the comment. 

Your Miška

Hi, my friends! 

How do you spend this holiday day? 

We schoolchildren, we have holidays, so when I am finally at home, I can not imagine how else my day should start before having breakfast and a good book. Today I reached for a book by Natasha Sabova entitled The Protector. 

I was already reading one book from the author, which completely got me, so I started to read this one with my little soul. 

The story is described in the smallest detail, which has drawn me into the story even more.

The book and story is about a girl who protects people around the world. Now she comes to Slovakia to find a guy here before she can do something terrible. Before killing someone. But who is it? Who is he looking for? In fulfilling his mission, however, he puts his heart to the test - he falls in love with the psychology student Patrick. 

I read the book in one breath. It contains everything I love about books - mystery, adventure, romance, science fiction, and a brilliant ending. I love the fact that the book is meant for these moments when you want to sit down with a cup of warm tea and read the story undisturbed. 

What I really like about the book is that the author pointed out that the world is not just black-and-white, but it also has shades of gray, that all obstacles in life are to overcome and feel better than having friends at your side. 

Do you also have a book that has caught your attention lately? I'll be glad if you give me a tip down in the comment. 

Your Dominika.

Hi there, 

are you looking for a gift for an avid reader and can not advise what genre to choose? 

I'll give you one good tip! Every reader will be pleased by the book about Slovak castles. But beware! It is not a typical book with facts, but a book of legends about Slovak castles and chateaux, which was collected and written by Ján Domasta. 

The book contains 95 very remarkable and excellent stories with different ends. The bonus with these rumors is that they took place in castles and castles that still exist and you can visit them (which I regard as an incredible bonus) or even extinct. 

Each rumor in the book is told in a very engaging style, binds to the historical real core. Rumors are imbued with the reality and fantasy of people who have traded these rumors by verbal submission from generation to generation. What I personally like about the book is also very aesthetically tasteful graphic illustrations that add to the book smmc. V in the book you can find rumors about castles like Beautiful Mountain, Red Stone or Bratislava Castle. 

The legends are listed in alphabetical order and I can only look forward to the second part, where Spiš Castle, which is closest to my heart, should appear. 

Your Dominika


Hey, I'm very glad to tell you a few words about this incredible book that has completely won me. 

It is a thrilling psychotriler that takes place in the middle of the ocean. The book is written really well, it is unpredictable, it contains unexpected story twists, the famous chatacter of the characters and as a cherry on the cake are detailed descriptions of the author that will draw you into the story even more. 

The story takes place on a boat chosen by police psychologist Martin after losing his son and wife a few years ago during a family vacation on a luxury boat in very mysterious circumstances. None of the crew could explain the disappearance of his wife and son. 

After this tragic incident, he vowed that he would no longer step onto any ship until the evidence that might have led him to denounce the mysterious disappearance. 

If you love crimson plotters, this book should not be missing in your library, as it will keep you energized throughout the reading.


Dear friends, 

The school is knocking on our door. And so I think about training and little meditation after I last checked my observations before the review. 

The holidays are as soon as possible, irretrievably gone. We will be sad for him, but we need to drive them away so that we can move forward in life. Because even the most beautiful moments have to give way to the necessary ones. I have prepared for you such a mini-mini hybrid and reviews. A few shots that captured interest in Spain, I hope they will interest you as well. 

At the end of the review, I prepared a small surprise for you. 

Nice rest of your holidaysYour Lukáš.

“Hi there, my name is Mirka

and I will start my school carousel soon. I also enrich my free time which I still have by reading this wonderful book. The book was written by Anne Marie - Pol and her name is Dance. This is the fifth part in which Nina meets her friends again after Christmas.

But their friendship is no longer as it used to be. Is there jealousy behind that? Nina, however, does not make it hard. Is it the fault of the first love? I like the book very much because it is smiling, unique, it is about friendship and love, and has drawn me so much into the story that it has helped me to forget about school for a while.

This summer I managed to read a lot of books that I loved very much. Do you have a book that has become your best book this summer? I personally cannot decide for just one. "

"All rebels girls in the world: 

Dream more, 

head higher, 

fight stronger, 

and if in doubt, 

remember you're right." 

(From the book: Good Night Stories for Rebels.) 

I want to share with you a book that has grown very close to my heart lately. This is a “fairy tale” book entitled Good Night Stories for Rebels. If you ask why I put the fairy in quotes it is for one single reason. 

These are real stories about extraordinary women who have changed the world and are written in the form of short fairy tales. There are a total of 100 powerful, stimulating life stories written in history. You can read the story about Coco Chanel, Jane Austen, and Elizabeth I. 

The stories are not about princesses, but mathematicians, supermodels, spies, writers, politicians, activists, or even a sailor and rock star.

These are the fairy tales of women from every corner of the world, of different ages, religion, color, nationality and profession. It is one of the most original books I have ever held in my hand! It is not only beautiful but also inspiring, it will awaken you with a special pleasant emotion on your soul. They give you the feeling that you just want, don't give up and everything is possible. Even the craziest dream can suddenly become a reality. The book is suitable for everyone, not just for girls or women. 

I would especially recommend it to boys and men. After all, books don't know sex and age! Good night stories for rebels have made me very heartbroken. They are extraordinary, leaving a strong and unforgettable impression and reading experience in me. What book has grown to your heart lately? Or has it helped you to change your view of the world? I would be happy if you write me down on your comments about your frogs.

Hello. How do you starting your mornings ? 

Do you have any morning ritual? I thought that in the summer I could slow down a bit and enjoy the morning when I don't have to go anywhere and read a few pages from the book for breakfast instead of TV. But this book interested me so much that I see it doing nothing with the book in hand for the day. It is a novelty in the book market that everybody should have at home, who longs for romance and a feeling of reliving their first love again. The books by this author are famously and unique to me by the fact that they are suitable for every age category, not just 12+ as indicated on the cover. Stories always contain some lessons. This love story has totally captured me. It is love that is born of hate. About love through letters. I will not reveal any more, because I have decided that this book and this story deserve video review. I would be glad if you write me if you have already read something from the author or if you are interested in her books as much as I am. 

Have a nice shiny day.


During these summer days I have read many books. Right now, I discover the value of friendship in a book called Ash and Sin. Have you experienced a strange friendship? That is also the main character Zorka. The bond created between a young girl and an elderly gentleman is extremely strong. Here too, age is just a number and people can understand each other at all times. But friendship is fragile and can easily be lost. What would you say if you wanted to experience your best friend if he had a few months left? Is the book such a loyal friend?

Lydka Pompová


Hi, whether it's raining, snowing or out there, so hellish, there is nothing better than to shut down and live for a while. The books are about that. It's like an actor's job where you can try different professions. I became Katherine's lawyer this time. You will learn about her life story soon in my latest review, which you should not miss. However, I will tell you that the book has a very exciting, riveting and engaging story. What are you reading? Who did you become for a while?

Miška Peštová

Hi, how are you spending the summer? I try to relax from school duties so that I bask in the sun! Of course how else, if not with a book in hand? I'm reading the book Case for Three, it's a detective case for girls. The book is full of humor, wit and tension. I'm surprised to read the story of whether three skirt detectives can solve a mysterious ringing cell phone case. I'm looking forward to denouncing the story! And how do you spend the summer? Which books did your company have in your childhood? I look forward to your recommendations. 

Have a nice day, Mirka.

Mirka Vargová