Adventures and activities

We just thought they deserved it ;).

You may have noticed that lately we have been working very intensively with first grade pupils. We chose thirty children from Košice and the surrounding area, which achieve good study results, according to teacher evaluation they behave well and deserve our attention (for example some of them participated in our recitation competition).

And after a demanding program, we decided to invite them to Steamfactory in Košice Optime, where they gave us a discount. The children played a laser game, tried the Children's World, in-line skating or a climbing wall and because they had a great time for a few hours, we strongly recommend that you visit this place;).

PS: During lunch, our manager asked the children where they would like to go next time. And Vaneska's answer was unambiguous: "To Paris";). Well, boss, you got something to do;).

Budapest Conference: Miro attended a conference where he represented the PAĽIKERAV Book Club before 200 participants from all over Europe and the USA. We can say that the presentation was a success and many people were excited about our results and included Mira questions about how our Book Club works

Here is a vlog about the first - our KKP members attended a training session for Roma RTVS editors. How was it there?

Soup festival is traditionally held in Košice in October and this is a really big event. Many communities in one place and among us for the third time. This year you were able to purify Písmenkovica, an honest homemade bean soup with letters, at our booth.

Watch a video from the training of reviewers held in Hanušovce nad Topľou.

Hanušovce - Manor-house and Archeopark

Botanic garden

Trip to Zoo contact in Liptovský Mikuláš

Memory of our Concert in the park for PALIKERAV.

Bibliotheka 2017

Knižný klub Palikerav in radio EXPRES

We try to spend the weekends fully, intellectually - so we invited a special man Michal Mižigár, who came to us from Budapest, to our meeting. He told us not only a part of his interesting life story, but mainly gave us an overview of the history of the Roma and the development of the Roma language.

We were honored to be a part of the project Let's get to know each other, organized by the Public Library of Ján Bocatia in Košice, where we had the opportunity to present our Book Club

This time we will share with you our experiences from our first swimming trip this summer.
We headed to Aquacity Poprad, where we fully tried all the actions this aquapark offers.

A trip to Trickland and House upside down - HELIPORT

Reviewers Training - Hanušovce - August 2018

Trip to Tatrapolis

Experiences from Vienna - on the occasion of Sozialmarie 2018 awards

Teambuilding Košice

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