Annamária Rostášová

My name is Annamária Rostášová, I live in a small, little-known village Lastovce, I am 19 years old. I am a graduate of the Secondary Medical School of St. Alžbety in Košice. There is nothing extreme as smiling faces that feel in love, that they are not present or that they have an influence. to heal him, whether physically or mentally.

My love for literature and books is associated with the Spanish language. How is it possible? The answer is simple. In childhood, literature and books have been published that are not published in this language and no further information on books and books is available. I started reading books, specifically novels, poetry. My favorite writer is the most famous Spanish poet Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer. But read history books, especially those from World War II.

I write my own poems and they are still running around my head and new stories for novels.
It's like immersing yourself in another world, it's like being in a paradise from which I never want to return. Over time, I started reading ebooks in Spanish, but I still like to sit outside in silence, take a book and read something in our language, it's for me the best rest and escape from reality that can exist. I can move into a completely different world, experience what others feel, forget about problems, forget about all the bad things out there. Sometimes they tell me that I live in the clouds, in illusions, I still think of the impossible and I am an incorrigible romantic. But I prefer to live this way and happily as distressed and bitter. Life is too short to think long about things that don't matter.

I also love traveling, even though I haven't had a chance to do it yet. My dream is to travel the world and get to know different cultures, monuments, traditions of new people.

I am interested in various composers of classical music, my favorite is Mozart. I love classical music because I can create my own story in it. Or beautiful paintings in which I try to figure out what the author wanted to say. The most beautiful thing about art is that everyone sees something different in it, everyone creates their own story, but only the author knows what the truth is.

I like nature, fresh air in the Tatras and long walks in the park. My favorite season is a poetic autumn and I adore the rain that always inspires me to create.

"We can't see or touch the most beautiful things in the world. We have to feel them with our hearts. “- Helen Keller
Never give up, fulfill all your dreams and fight until you reach the finish line. Life is on loan, it doesn't last long. Let's try to live every minute as if we were to live our whole life in it, The most beautiful thing we have can not be bought by all the millions in the world, because the most beautiful thing is hidden in our soul ...

AMA LA VIDA! (Love life!)