Bc. Dominika Horvathova

Hello! My name is Dominika Horvathová, I am usually an extraordinary girl, who is honest in any situation. For someone introvert, for someone too loner, for someone social, for others shy. I love those days when I can be surrounded by loneliness and silence and draw energy from books. Characterize my wells in cheeks and still laughter that is a sign of my insured personality. I'm not happy to be the center of attention, I'm the one who is a silent observer on a secret mission, I'm a little spy. I have mine humor and built-in radar on people. I love books because they offer us the opportunity to look into other lives, the world of magic and imagination. Besides books I enjoy the most shopping, dots are my second self! What I do not find in the store, I just sew at home. I love when I can create something, something using my imagination, creativity. I was born in the month of April, which completely characterizes me, as well as my sign ram I am a very stubborn person, I prefer if everything is in my opinion. I like things clearly and I hate injustice and false people. My motto is: "Like you to me, so do you." People do not judge by appearance, but by their interior. My greatest success was when I was selected and attended a 2-week stay in London as part of the Leonardo da Vinci project.


2011 - 2015 Private Secondary Vocational School of SEZ Krompachy, Field: Tourism Marketing Officer

2015 - 2018 University of St. Cyril and St. Methodius in Trnava, department: Social Services Management

2018 start of study - University of St. Cyril and St. Methodius in Trnava, field: Social services and counseling