Ing. Denisa Mitrasova

My name is Denisa Mitrasova, I live in a small but beautiful village Bystré near Vranov and in the month of May I celebrated my 26th birthday.

The Department of Economics chose me somehow and proved it,
I'm a recent graduate of the University of Economics. I took part in several trainings - NDI, Iuventa - and all the trainings gave me a lot of experience, a different perspective on life and also the most valuable of my partner. Books have been my biggest hobby since childhood. They provided refuge for crying, joy or pain. I love it when it takes me and I'm part of it. The most popular genre is detective and drama. Park Avenue 79 and Harry Potter are books that have been engraved in my heart, so I had to mention them. In addition to books, I like making things like paper handbags and the like.