Jana Marcinova

Hi, my name is Jana and if you ask someone, he would probably talk about a quiet, tight girl with black hair, brown eyes and a serious expression on her face. Perhaps he would evaluate me because I do not need to attend every interview, raising my hand every time the professor asks a question - even though I guess the answer. To be honest, I would agree with the person, but only in part. If you asked the same question to someone from a close circle of my friends or family, you would probably have a different answer. The few people who really know me know that, in spite of the introverted and solitary nature, I will become more open to man after trust. They know I'm a realist who approaches things with a great deal of optimism, sometimes I have absolutely crazy ideas and my dreams, where I spend almost as much time as I have no borders in reality, but still try to stand firmly on the ground. I do not have a bounded favorite genre of books, in today's hectic world, which is dominated by stress, fast way of life and electronics, people are rarely able to find time for a book and can really put themselves in a read story. And this is one of the reasons why I love books.

I do not know if I would call it "escape from reality" directly, but if any, there will certainly be something about that truth. Personally, I can really get into the story, sometimes I feel as if I was a direct part of it in the apartment). Another fact for which I love books is the comfort I can create, whether it's wind, storm, winter or summer. Book comfort with me also includes a cup of coffee or good tea, and this combination of the book is a guarantee of good relaxation for me. Education is the most important thing for me. It is education that is the only thing that one will ever take away from us. Among my hobbies I can also include teaching that I enjoy and fulfills since childhood. I think that I am an ordinary person, but like all of us, I have both positive and negative aspects - I try to work on the positive ones every day and remove the negative ones.