Lukas Vavra

I'm a young and a little affectionate boy. I go to the Business Academy, I probably won't be an economist. I am interested in literature instead of numbers, I love poetry. Because it is such an attempt of inner harmony in the world of chaos. And what about another spare time? Yes, I still have unfulfilled space, respectively I try to make every moment of my time a waste of time. And so I develop not only the interior but also the body. I actively train Aikido martial arts.

2015 Business Academy Vranov nad Topľou

- 2016 Representation of Slovakia at the seminar in Aikido Dojo in Trnava with the participation of 12 countries.

- 2017 Aikido Certificate, for carrying out the technical maturity test.

- 2018 3rd place in the Golden Zone of Hviezdoslav's Kubín, on the district bike in Vranov nad Topľou.

- 2018 Attending Starter training, organized by the Plenipotentiary's Office.