Mária Vasiľová

My name is Maria, but most people call me Majka. I am a smiling girl who likes all sorts of humor. I am a student of the Private Vocational School DSA in the field of teaching and education in kindergarten. I went to this department because I like children and I would like to continue working on it later. I've been a slightly different child since I was a child. Tight, quiet and I didn't have many friends. That's why I devoted my free time to school and books. I love books! So I prefer books from the period of the Second World War or classic women's novels. I also like fantasy books mainly because of the Harry Potter wizarding saga. They are also my favorite books and I can talk about myself as a big fan, as my "obsession" with HP is really great.
I also very much support different people and minorities, and I believe that one day Slovakia will be liberal and we will not be such a tight state. Basically, even though I'm a realist ... I don't have a problem with fantasy, and I think everyone should have it.