Mgr. Ivetka Horvathova


My name is Ivetka Horvathova, I am a girl who is forever fringed, a girl who looks three times on her watch and anyway does not know what time it is, a girl who is forever with her head in the clouds, dreamy eternally, a girl you can see jump in front of the self-opening door as the sensors are not mine great friends, I'm the girl who gets lost anywhere and believe my ability to describe where you are right now I find, they are even worse, I am the one who cries throughout movie even though he plays comedy and last but not least don't ask me what the weather is like outside. I know with precision say only when it rains or snows. I'm a big person with my heart, always ready to help if I can.I love diversity, as evidenced by my education.

2010 - 2014 - Private High School -  Vocational School of SEZ Krompachy, Department: Marketing Officer in tourism

2014 - 2017 - Cyril and Method university in Trnava, department of management of social services

2017 - 2019  - Cyril and Methodius in Trnava, d
epartnemnt of  social services and consulting

I love the ragged days when I can curl up with a cup of scented tea under a huge blanket and undisturbed into a world where even impossible things are possible. I love those endless conversations about everything, I like to philosophize and I'm always right. I love to materialize my feelings and thoughts in the form of words and sentences in verses, literature is my lifelong companion. I regularly participated in recitation competitions, human rights Olympics, as well as mathematical ones. I love one thing about numbers, and this is, besides logic, the same in every country. I also worked as an editor of a school newspaper and a "announcer" on the school radio. My greatest experience was a discussion with the President of the Slovak Republic. I do not like injustice and I am most proud of my Roma roots. Most of all, however, I love my family. Music, laughter, and books are a remedy for my every need. I'm still looking for myself, trying not to give the first impression. I am glad that I can work in this association, where I met a lot of nice people and found that even brave and big dreams come true, so do not be afraid to dream big.