Micheala Pestova

My name is Michaela Peštová and I come from a village near Vranov nad Topľou and I am a reviewer of the Paľikerav Book Club. What would I tell you about me? I'm an ordinary girl who loves books. An irreparable romantic who admires night, stars and everything magical. I'm a young girl who is still looking for herself and learning from her own mistakes. (So please forgive me for the mistakes). Why do I read? Because when I read I become another person, I can experience the lives of other people, other characters. Books taught me a lot, taught me not to give up, to love. forgive, live for today.

2012-2016 Secondary Medical School Sládkovičová 36 Prešov

2009-2012 Alexander Dubcek Music School Vranov nad Topľou - completion of the first grade - painting

2017- Workshop - Round Table organized by the Office of the Plenipotentiary of the Slovak Republic for Roma Communities

2017 - training organized by NGO PROXIMA on the topic - group cooperation