Miroslava Gorolova

I am another member of the Paľikerav Book Club, which attends the Business Academy in Vranov nad Topľou, as well as my friend Lukáš Vávra. I have just reached the age of adulthood and I'm starting to live. I am friendly, empathetic and responsible. I try to keep everything in balance and avoid conflicts. I like going to school, I know it's weird. Besides, I love books that have a touch of romance, history, love, betrayal, desire ... Of course, I also love music. With her I relax, learn, read. I figure out how to live to the full every day so I don't regret anything and forget anything and nobody. Well sometimes I can't, but who does, right?
- 2015 Business academy Vranov nad Topľou

- 2018 participation in the regional competition of secondary                              technical work in Prešove a v Žiline