Nikola Pompova

In 1998 the world lived, yes, to me. Today, young, curly brunette Nika. I was born under the sign of aquarius, which perfectly describes me. I am a free-thinking and often "run away" from reality to my ideal world. Books are my passion. Ever since I was a little fascinated, to recognize letters and to write words of them I thought something magical. In addition to being a member of our association, I am also dedicated to helping the socially weak. When I have a head to burst, I am scattered by pilates, skates or a bike.

2008-2016 -Gymnázium J.F-Rimavského, Levoča

2011-2012- Newtoon Abbey High School, Belfast (Ireland)
2018 - Charles University, Prague

2017 - Workshop - STARTER 

2017- Participation in the international seminar Brussels-Roma advocacy training

2017-Participation in the international seminar "Dikh He nabister" in Poland