Svetlana Gazova

My name is Svetlana Gažová and I am studying at the College of Health and Social Work of St. Elizabeth. I am a melancholic soul, eternally in the clouds, and writing about what I am and what I enjoy is not my cup of coffee because I put my thoughts and ideas into pictures and drawings. Everything needs balance, and the foundation of everything is peace that captures me. Even though I live in the city, I love nature, contact with it and animals. It's a way to calm down, but I also inspire, even though I'm a person whose mind doesn't bother. I enjoy promotional graphics, I like editing videos, creating posters, invitations, and I enjoy any visual. Of course I like to read, although not everyone reads psychological novels, books on motivation and thinking, and last but not least, books that need to be considered. Thinking, yes, I like that, but I still love things that reason and science can't explain. Mysteriously, spiritual matters and positivism are my field, and I feel like a little philosopher in their disassembly while fulfilling me.