Tomáš Matta

Buenos dias .... Good morning in translation to Romanes lačho džives. My name is Tomáš, but I am also called Chuan, I study at the Secondary Technical School of Mechanical Engineering in Košice. In addition to school, I also try to train through various trainings or Erasmus, you wouldn't believe how many new people you will meet and some will become your friends. I am a guy whose only something does not break even when something is found, and therefore my distinguishing features are for example militancy, strength, determination, positivism, but also smile and empathy ... I also like the theory of thinking such a life or not is important where you are from, but who you are. I like challenges and often look for them directly, but sometimes I worry about them. Things I couldn't do are motivational videos and quotes, books, visualisations, music and extreme pleasure making me able to help, advise or motivate someone and encourage them to do what they think they don't or just improve their mood. ....

Watching pictures what the author actually wanted to express and an artistic caress for the soul, reflections on long conversations, reflections, and various philosophical statements with friends, family, society, and entertainment all this must not be missing in my life. I love to travel, I have been doing it lately, I like to know the sights and history of the city or country, my dream is to travel around the world. 

I like to relax outdoors in the open air or in the mountains, but unfortunately this is not always possible and therefore I have another activity and it is running. Running is my cure of life ... without it I can't even imagine my future. It will always help me when I need it and never fail. It is a great way to relax, relieve stress, and especially to clear the mind, of course to improve fitness or lose weight. I highly recommend. 

A month ago, Kickbox was added to it in a random way, and I saw a poster in a tram, and I wondered why you had longed for it, and today it's a fact. 

RUNandFIGHTforYourDREAMS because Limits exist only in your head.