About us

Občianske združenie Ďakujem - "PAĽIKERAV"

Our civic association was established on November 20, 2014. We chose this name for two reasons: 

1. it is the first Roma word I have learned, 

2. and this is the main reason that it is not typical for the Roma to thank or to use the word Ďakujem.

It should be local OZ, only in Varhanovce, but gradually expanded, basically to the whole of Eastern and Central Slovakia. It was created to help socially disadvantaged - we started with activities that were easier, such as. Miss, Carnival, ... - and today we are more intellectual OZ, aimed at raising young people's education from socially disadvantaged backgrounds.

Renáte Pankievičová

Knižný Klub Paľikerav

Knižný klub Paľikerav  is about our young students and the books they read and their reading feelings they like to share with you.

We have traditionally been trying to point out that the Roma do not only dance and sing, but also excel in other activities. And believe that reading books is an activity they enjoy.

And how else to motivate others to read books, if not by showing the young who do it.