Discussion with ethnologist Ivana Šusterová

The Vlach Roma were one of the themes of our Children's Romaversitas and due to the great interest we continued the discussion on this topic in our Košice office, where we were honored by an expert on this topic - ethnologist Ivana Šusterová from the Office of the Government Plenipotentiary for Roma Communities.

We learned a lot about the life of the Vlachian Roma, but especially about the "steps" of this guest of ours, who were approaching them.
Are you interested in this topic? So we recommend Ivanka's book Life of Olaska Women :).

This year we focus more on Roma pupils, mostly in primary schools, and try to motivate them to study and educate them through books and literature through our active work.
And for this purpose we met last weekend at Jahodná, where we realized a literary camp thanks to financial assistance from the Office of the Plenipotentiary of the Government of the Slovak Republic for Roma Communities.

Paramisengero dives - Fairy tales days

Today we have another of our special days :).

Just today, 29.10.2019, we realized paramis day at one elementary school in Košice, for which we thank the management of the school very much.

How do you imagine Paramis Day? What is it about? How is it?
So we will be happy to answer all these questions right now.

We chose among the children and young people we work with, those who can read best and are courageous, not afraid to stand in front of the audience and fight stage fright. And these "Challengers" chose those they would like to meet in the reading duo - such as President Caputova, MP Martin Seman, Mayor Jaro Polacek, singer Anabela Mollova, Gitana, Kristina Pelakova, singers Rytmus, Kali, PAT and MegaM, actor Frantisek Balog, moderators Junior and Marcel, Viktor Vincze, Adela Vincze, former Miss Eva Rezesova Dzodlova, etc. .... We tried to contact the invited and if interested in agreeing details. addressed personality, so we got basically all the positive reactions.
So, to be honest, only one singer reacted negatively, and it would only take us a short walk from a village near Košice, but her manager literally wrote to us that "she does not go to such events". "parsed" and especially we had no cameras there, because you can see it regularly.

The first concrete contribution is devoted to the city MP Martin Seman, with whom we are still in contact from a time when none of us knew that he would become a MP once (not even a double MP).
In any case, the Honorable Member will honor us with his visit on a regular basis, we have yet to reject our invitation, and even with iron regularity we will be selflessly pleased with some gift.
Today, for example, Ivetka, who invited him, received an envelope and the greatest desire of a bookworm in it - a voucher for buying books of great value. And then there was another gift, the activity game Activity for our Book Club Paikikerav, which we longed for but could not afford.

So we actually have Christmas at the end of October, thank you again

Roman Goroľ, who became the editor of the national broadcasting of RTVS, also accepted the invitation to read duel. The fact that Mirka chose it is not a surprise at all - they are colleagues, as Mirka is a member of the radio company.

But we also know Mr. Gorol as the author of the poetic collection Cold Touch of the Lost Morning, but also as an assistant teacher, who was in his office even when our Miška visited her

Anabela Mollová
The invitation to the reading duel was also accepted by the great singer Anabela Mollová, who currently stars in I Love Slovakia or in the very successful band Fragile.

We have known Anabel for a few years since she was our guest at our talk show Palikerav for a visit. And so we were looking forward to meeting her again ;).
Thank you

Our girls filed a call to readers' duel, calling on President Čaputová to read fairy tales. However, she was unable to attend for business reasons.
But we did not have to be sad at all, because we had the opportunity to meet Mr. Rozkopal.
And Mr. Chancellor was able to take up his task - as the audience was made up of nullists and freshmen, he decided to tell the story to them and our Ivetka translated it into Romani.
It was a great experience for kids;).

 Junior and Marcel

It all started as follows: Ivetka made a challenge to the reader's duel that reached Junior. He wrote to us that it was not possible to come to KE on that day, but invited us to record the Morning Show in Funradio.

We did not have to consider accepting this invitation for a long time, so we put our car in the middle of the morning to arrive in time for the Morning Show, and it was an experience we enjoyed both big and small THANK YOU

Zuzana Mitošinková, Vydavateľstvo Egreš

We have known Egreš for a long time since we are working together and our Mirka likes their books so much that she has decided to challenge their boss to a reading duel.

We met right in their studio in Nova Cvernovka, where they have really beautiful. Feel the spirit of its creators from every piece of goods.
Once you go to BA and think about what you would like to see, what to please your visit Egreš Publishing House? Neoľutujete :)

Roma recite competition

The third regional round of the Roma recitation is behind us and we are awaiting the final round, which will take place in early November in Bratislava.
The first places from all categories and from all the county towns will come together in one place and show what they are in really strong competition. I don't even need to tell you about the fact that they have set the bar really high on the regional wheels :).
We will keep you informed in detail.

This project is realized thanks to the financial support of the Fund for the Support of Culture of National Minorities.

Rómsky magazín, 27. októbra 2019, Rádio Regina, 20:00

There are many prejudices about the Roma in society. One is that they do not have their own literature. And therefore, they have no relation to literature. However, time is changing and it turns out that this is not quite the case. Many Roma children, especially in schools where teachers are involved, also have a relationship with literature and its interpretation. This is also reflected in the event called Roma being recited. The event is organized by the Civic Association Thank You - "Paľikerav". Its fourth year took place only these days. The regional round in Košice was even held directly in the premises of Radio Regina East. Romany Magazine on Sunday, October 27 at 8:00 pm Ivetka Horváthová, Pavol Feco, Kristína Mojžišová and Erika Godlová invite you to listen.


Last weekend we realized the first part of the literary camp called In the Footsteps of the Book at the Zelený breh in Kokošovce. It was attended by 28 Roma children, mostly from primary school. The choice of these children was not accidental at all, as we have been in contact with these children for almost a year and have been working intensively. We are convinced that it is worth taking care of them and developing in them a love of literature or even authorial talent.

A few weeks later we will meet to continue this literary camp. And we promise you that we will prepare a vlog for this whole event :).
This literary camp was realized thanks to the financial support of the Office of the Plenipotentiary of the Government of the Slovak Republic for Roma Communities.


Graduation of the 1st year of Romaversitas Children's.

It was absolutely perfect, for which we can thank doc. Jurine Rusnáková, director of the Institute of Romological Studies at Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra. Ensuring adult "graduation" down to the smallest detail was gowns, diplomas, anthems, just everything.
There was perhaps only one single parent, who was bravely represented by our leaders.

The first year of Romaversitas Children's was so full of interesting moments and situations, full of new experiences, that we just have a lot of material that we could spam you for the next few weeks.

But don't worry, we will select only the most interesting ones;).

And so we have a vlog about lectures.

Apropos, what do you think first when you say university? Most people probably have lectures. And that was the first thing we knew our Romaversitas must contain;).

We started with a lecture on self-cognition, went smoothly into the history of the Roma, then we got to know the life of the Vlach Roma until we ended up with the Roma language.

Thanks to all participating lecturers.

In addition to learning at Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra, we went to see this beautiful city one evening, where we could not miss the castle and its beautiful park.

The matriculation of students of the 1st year of the Romaversitas Children's Festival organized by the Civic Association Dakujem - "PAĽIKERAV" at the Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra.

When we were designing the Children's Romaversitas project, we did not have such "noble" ideas of matriculation. But a phone call with doc. - distinguished representatives of the University in gowns, the anthem of the Slovak Republic, the anthem of the UKF University in Nitra, the anthem of Gaudeamus igitur, and, of course, matriculation decrees;).

Of course, there was also a speech by a student representative who was beautifully presented by Nikolka only 10 years old;).
Just everything was as it should be;).

Ms doc. Jurina Rusnáková, thank you for your help

This project was financially supported by the Fund for the Support of National Minorities Culture

Concert in the park for PALIKERAV

Official video from our Corncert in the park for PALIKERAV
VIdeo: KG Royal

The Gipsy Nicol band has traditionally performed at the Concert in the Park behind Paľikerav and we are proud to be the reason they travel across Slovakia - we love you.
Foto: KG Royal

Ešte Vám to tu trošku zaspamujeme fotkami z vystúpení výnimočných účinkujúcich z Koncertu v parku za Paľikerav  . Začíname s DINY Košice a veľmi talentovanou speváčkou Jessicou .
Foto: KG Royal

Super show predviedli aj Šorty a ADiss, s ktorými tancoval celý Kulturpark. Boli ste?
Foto: KG Royal

 We had a lot of respect,  before this part of the program, that we wouldn't have an audience with the writers, but do you know what happened? Despite the fact that it had rained a few minutes before the beginning of the discussion, the audience came and was above our expectations ;).
And that is why we cannot not repeat the words of our leader, who she said directly on stage - "Roma love literature".

Two extraordinary gentlemen during the Park Concert behind Paľikerav: Maroš Balog, who greatly moderated the concert in his own style and the writer Richard Rychtarech, about whom we will disclose such a century - our reviewer Ivetka noticed on his FB that she is in Kosice and mentioned our leader. And there is no need for a lot of incentives to fulfill our dreams - and in less than two hours this author also appeared with a gift at the celebration of Ivetka's graduation.

This event was supported by the Fund for the Support of National Minorities Culture.

Summer BookCamp

It was our first organized camp and we will tell you that it was not the last. 

It was all in our hands from the very beginning - we prepared its methodology at the weekend meeting, chose the most suitable accommodation for us, ... Everything you can think of about the camp, so it was all in the hands of KKP members. And who were our campers? 

The pupils who passed the school reading competition and were the best of the best. And believe that since the beginning of our common camp trip, we have found that their interest in books is really huge. 

We thank the Office of the Government Plenipotentiary for Roma Communities for the opportunity to realize this camp.


International Roma day

Today we have a special video for you. 

Today we do not publish any video review, but we bring you a vlog prepared for you by Miška. We are not publishing it on this day by chance - just a week ago (08.04.) Was International Roma Day, and we attended two events on this day. at the discussion of the Public Library of Ján Bocatius in Šaca. 

How it happened there, you will learn in the enclosed insert :).

Picnic with writers supported by the Fund for the Support of Culture of Native Minorities

Do you know what we dreamed about 2 years ago when we founded the Paľikerav Book Club? We wanted to show that Roma are not only dancers, musicians or singers, but that they also excel in intellectual activities, such as reading books and reciting. And at the same time we wanted to bring literature closer to people. 

And thanks to the support of the National Minority Culture Fund, we managed to get a grant for organizing 2 days of Picnic with Writers :) And where to organize a picnic in February, when it is cold outside, snow and strong wind? Yet in the school library. 

Tens of children heard the stories of the authors, learned something new about their work, learned what to do if they wanted to become authors, read together excerpts from their creation, etc. ... 

You might not believe how many pupils have enrolled in reading books and proudly told us the story of their last read book, and at the same time, many teachers have praised their ability to express themselves beautifully in written words. with the writers :) 

The weather shows us that we could realize it also in the open air.

Do you know what we are trying to do in this "booktuber" world? Sure, we read and review books for you, sharing our reading world with you, which we have kept to ourselves so far. 

For us, the book is a means of blurring differences, a way of demolishing prejudices against the Roma, a means of socializing society and ultimately of motivating others to read. we decided to bring the book, the literature, to people in a way that is close to them.

We want to show people that the writer is a person of flesh and bone, who will sit down on a blanket and picnic with you if necessary. , thank God, we did this thanks to the Fund for the Support of National Minorities Culture and our project Picnic with Writers. 

We would like to thank Mr. József Ravász, Kristína M ojžišová and Dominika Badžová, a representative of the Roma Documentation and Information Center from the State Scientific Library and a representative of the ROLIK-Roma Literary Club. 

We thank the Važecká Exchanger for the opportunity to carry out the event in these beautiful spaces.

Mikuláš na ZŠ Galaktická 9, Košice

This is how it looked when Mikuláš (Martin Seman) came to Košice primary school, which is attended only by Roma, with a lot of gifts for good and less obedient children. 

Thank you for everything

Deň Paramís - Fairy tales day

23.11.2018 Abel Ravasz, Plenipotentiary of the Government of the Slovak Republic for Roma Communities, attended the school. He accepted the challenge, read the fairy tale in a duo with our Iveta, and even though the duel did not lose, he donated books to the library. You can see what it was like in the enclosed insert.

Do you dream of meeting an actor? And what about the actress from the most recently watched series The Dads? Is it unrealistic? But what would, even big dreams come true. Look at our little Mirka. She dreamed a meeting with successful Slovak actress Jana Kovalčikova, and she succeeded. Of course, the dream sometimes needs to help :).  But you already know that

Fairy tales day Day  with Usmievankou

Fairy tales day Day 1. Are you curious what it looked like when the President arrived at Galaktická 9 Private Primary School in Košice?

"Once it all changes, break through all the walls can." Do you know these words? Who knows the well-known hit Night Nocen. 

These words are really symbolic nowadays and we are very glad that their authors participated in our paramis and they came to read a Romany pupil's story, and you can find out about the participation of the band Nocadeň in this insert :) You will find out that Rasťo Trnka came to the children and the children welcomed him with such applause as if they met a big star Johnny from Radio Košice also read them, and the pupils enjoyed it :) 

Just imagine, let them try the work of an editor for a while :) And to make matters worse, Košice came to school cultural guru Richard Herrgott

Fairy tales day with Martinom Semanom

Fairy tales day with Ondrejom Kandráčom

Fairy tales Day 2. You already know that the HC Kosice team has read fairy tales for Roma pupils :). But you don't know what it looked like. And you can learn from the attached video.
Zdroj: Facebook - HC Košice (oficialna stránka)

Roma recite - recite competition 2018

05.10.2018 was an extraordinary day for both our OZ ĎAKUJEM- "PAĽIKERAV" and also for the Roma talents. Roma pupils and students from elementary schools to colleges and showed a really huge amount of talent.

Concert in park for PALIKERAV 2018