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Lively Romani music performed by talented artists was performed during the Concert in the Park for Paľikerav.


We interviewed her on the basis of Instagram stories, which we recently saw on the profile of President Andrej Kiska. For a full day he gave Ivetka his Instagram, where she filmed her experience of internship at the presidential office in the field of internal politics. In an interview she told us about all of her activities related to the education of Roma children, but also about how she got an internship with the President. Learn more at

Representatives of HC Košice visited Roma children. In an unconventional role.

At a private elementary school on Galactic Street in Košice - Above the lake there were really unprecedented things at the beginning of the week - representatives of HC Košice visited virtually all positions: executive director Rastislav Rusič, coach Peter Bartoš, hockey striker Roman Žitný and manager Vojtech Petty. The aim of their visit was as exceptional as the visit itself: reading fairy tales to Roma children. While our representatives were reading engaging stories in Slovak, Roma college students present in Roma language. The children were to decide who read nicer, but in the end, there was no evaluation at all - in a magical atmosphere, everyone forgot ... Just like the scenario of the whole visit, which eventually took place entirely unplanned and spontaneously. "This work is dominated by improvisation," smiled Renáta Pankievičová from the Civic Association Ďakujem - Paľikerav. “Reading is extremely important for Roma children and it is the participation of the personalities of a renowned hockey club that can be one of the motivating factors for our men. And not just for reading. We are all extremely grateful for this participation. ”

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RTVS - Sam Khere, Rómsky magazín

You can find out more about the third edition of our recitation competition “Roma Reciting” from the Roma magazine, which broadcast the entire program only about our competition


Košice: dnes

Check out the interview with us in the topic of the day for Košice Today.



Book club Palikerav in Markiza TV on Reflex which was on TV 25th. april 2017.

Košice: dnes



Three Slovak Projects Winner of the prestigious Central European SozialMarie Award 

The most successful Slovak project was the PAĽIKERAV Book Club, whose representatives received the award for the second place totaling EUR 10,000. Project of the civic association Thank You - “Paľikerav” encourages Roma youth to read books and members of the book club regularly publish video reviews of their books on their website, which are now regularly sent to them by several book authors. You can read more at


 Vydavateľstvo Hydra

The  Book club  Paľikerav is worth mentioning because it is a handful of young people who meet regularly twice a month to share their book experiences. They even upload book review videos on their FB page. Miška has read the epochal horror Contact and although she usually prefers romance, she liked the horror movie. Two and three months ago Mark was in Košice at the literary club Paľikerav at a discussion.

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